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Examples of how Xpertainment has helped companies grow

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Camino Robotics


The Xpertainment Group assisted Camino Robotics, a new mobility technology startup, in formulating a marketing plan to generate investment in advance of their product launch. In order to do so, a thorough market analysis was conducted that included aspects such as researching competitors, identifying key consumer preferences, and more. The Xpertainment Group then presented takeaways from the market analysis and their recommended strategies to the CEO of Camino Robotics. These strategies helped fuel key decisions for the next round of funding and product development.

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Ronald McDonald House, Los Angeles


The Xpertainment Group consulted with the Ronald McDonald House of Southern California to help increase traffic to their social media and website channels. To achieve this, Xpertainment performed market research, benchmarked against key competitors, and prepared a series of strategic recommendations that were presented to the board of directors. These insights allowed the Ronald McDonald House of Southern California to reevaluate its current marketing tactics and better understand what content attracts viewers to its platforms.

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Past innovations

Innovations launched at Disney, Princess Cruises and other global brands

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